Monochrom Madness – A Selfie, By Lucifer! Yes, it is!


A Selfie, By The Gods And Devils!

A Selfie, By The Gods And Devils!


For a change, I decided to post me!

Yes! Me, me and me!

I took this photo while having breakfast at the Temple Town of Vrindavan. Where they greet each other in names that are holy. They then descend into all manner of abuse. Normally, the descent lasts one minute. So, I asked them why they don’t greet each other by the Devil himself.

Sadly, we don’t have any one who can really be classified as Satan in India. The closest, is a learned, devout chap called “Ravan”, or “Ravana”. Long, complex story, about his fall.

By all the Gods and Demons, it is me this time!

Monochrome Madness – Sleep Little Darling

Sleep Pretty Darling

Sleep Pretty Darling

“Sleep Pretty Darling, do not cry

And I will sing a lullaby”

                             — Adapted from “Golden Slumbers”, the Abbey Road Album. The Beatles

The tears will flow and flow, and no lullaby can stem the flood.

Monochrome Madness – Hauz Qazi


This picture was taken in Hauz Qazi, a part of the fabled “Walled City” in Delhi. Despite the gloominess of the day (we were thankful it rained!!), there is – was – a constant buzz of activity.

For this, I kept a slow shutter speed, small aperture and I begged the services of a rickshaw-wallah, to allow me to keep my camera on his rickshaw while I photographed the scene. When you smile and chat with people, they are more than willing to help.

Monochrome Madness – The Old Fakir

The Old Fakir

The Old Fakir

My contribution for this week’s Monochrome Madness Challenge, hosted by Leanne Cole

I took this shot of the Old Fakir in Pushkar last November.

Quite a cool dude, yes?

Monochrome Madness – The Acute Angle

Acute And Black

Acute And Black


You, who have seen this blog, may remember this photo from a few weeks ago. I have sent this across to Leanne Cole for the weekly Monochrome Madness Challenge

Some photos look good in colour (multi-hue) as well as in shades of black and white.

Black, and white – are colours!

Shot in North Delhi, in Daryaganj. Hot day. Me sitting in shade. Tongue lolling out, sweat dripping.

Well, it’s still hot, and I think we will have a drought this year. No rain.

Meanwhile, ladies and gentlemen, I present “Acute and Black”.

Monochrome Madness – Triangles




I decided to go for something simple this week. I was walking around, shooting for an unpaid assignment, and I looked at this pillar in our building. One of the pillars, in the shadows, presented me with a flat picture. One, the one above, was a bit more dramatic.

All I did was to convert this into a high contrast black-and-white, for the drama! I left very few details, as you can see, and this was deliberate.

Monochrome Madness – Death On The Highway

Fire. Death

Fire. Death

I was driving down the highway yesterday, when I saw this car on fire. As the crowds milled around, keeping a safe distance, I danced around and took some photos. I did this until the policeman shooed me away.

I don’t think it was a collision. I think that, somehow, the car burst into flames. While it is not as hot as it was one week ago, it is still damned hot. It is 40 degrees Celsius nowadays, and possibly the owner did not have enough coolant in the engine.

We Indians are crazy drivers. You have seen some of the photos of the crazy ways that we drive on the highway. Many of us Indians don’t bother about things like maintenance either. Maybe, we believe that the odds are in our favour, since there are over 1 billion of us. Maybe, we believe that our many Gods will protect us. Either way, we can be fatalistic in an illogical manner.

I was standing in the centre of the highway (on the divider), and a chap asked me if anyone survived. My reply to him was that, if they were in the car when it burst into flames, I hope they all died. I was not being cruel. To survive that would imply a life of pain and deformity. Death would have been kinder. However, if you look closely at the photo, you will see a steering wheel. I think that the driver escaped to drive another day.

While the policeman pushed me away, I wished that I had had the time to shoot some of the people gawking at the car. And, while half my mind wondered if the person/people in the car survived, the other 45% of my brain asked if I had missed a chance to take a few more photos.

While I am a person of the dark, the remaining 5% of my brain asked myself if there was an element of the monster in me – a monster that takes photos even when others suffer.

Beauty, peace, ugliness and suffering go together. They make up the world in large part.

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