Monochrome Madness – Sleep Little Darling

Sleep Pretty Darling

Sleep Pretty Darling

“Sleep Pretty Darling, do not cry

And I will sing a lullaby”

                             — Adapted from “Golden Slumbers”, the Abbey Road Album. The Beatles

The tears will flow and flow, and no lullaby can stem the flood.

Monochrome Madness – Abandonment



I spent Sunday evening in a small section of a field with abandoned pipes. Each pipe was about 1 metre in diameter, and I was on top of them. In some sections of the ground, the wild grasses had risen to about 1.8 metres, and so I decided not to walk amongst the thick undergrowth.

With the monsoons around – even though the rain is scanty – this area is full of stray dogs, pigs and snakes. Yes, snakes do come out during the monsoon rains, and I was not looking forward to a nip in the ankles!

However, this field was – is – fascinating. Thank you, Municipal Corporation! I shall return in September, when the quality of sun will be a wee bit different, to photograph this area again!

Monochrome Madness – The Old Fakir

The Old Fakir

The Old Fakir

My contribution for this week’s Monochrome Madness Challenge, hosted by Leanne Cole

I took this shot of the Old Fakir in Pushkar last November.

Quite a cool dude, yes?

Monochrome Madness – Faith & Piety



I hope that I am on time for Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness Week!

Anyway, this one tops off the morning we spent driving around the Kurukshetra Region. I probably will not post everything that I saw, else it will be a season of posts on Kurukshetra!

We do have some rather large temples in India, particularly in the Southern part of the country. They are almost like business houses in themselves, and to get a ‘darshan’ ( a chance to see the God ) at Tirupati, you can (I have been told) book your spot online. Not bad! God has an online booking system! I went to Tirupati many years back, and was in the premium line, and that was 6 hours in the line. Almost like taking a Harry Potter ride at Universal Studios. You stand in the line for 4 hours, for a one minute ride!

This photo was taken at the very spot where Krishna is said to have recited the Gita to Arjuna. The Gita is the book that comes closest to being our holy book, and this is the book on which we take an oath in court.

The spot, however, is simple. Very simple, with a little pond, shady trees, a priest (not a rapacious priest) and a few shops. Almost nondescript, and I like it, I must say!

The feet are supposed to represent the soles of Krishna’s feet, and the markings on the feet. Celestial marking.

You need faith to believe in this. I am agnostic, but I respect the faith of those who believe.

Faith and piety, when genuine, are beautiful. They can be pure.

What I like about this spot, is that it gives you the space to experience that – at least, on the day that we were there.

What else is there to say?

Monochrome Madness. The Flower Seller

The Flower Seller

The Flower Seller

I have chosen this photo for this week’s edition of Monochrome Madness, which will be featured on Leanne Cole’s blog.

I shot this picture early in the morning, in Haridwar, India. Haridwar is one of the holiest places in India. The name, literally means, “Doorway To The Gods”. “Hari”, being God, and “Dwar” being doorway.

I don’t know if the old lady found God in Haridwar.

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