Weekly Photo Challenge – Emerald


I have no clue about what happens next!

Monochrome Madness – Hauz Qazi


This picture was taken in Hauz Qazi, a part of the fabled “Walled City” in Delhi. Despite the gloominess of the day (we were thankful it rained!!), there is – was – a constant buzz of activity.

For this, I kept a slow shutter speed, small aperture and I begged the services of a rickshaw-wallah, to allow me to keep my camera on his rickshaw while I photographed the scene. When you smile and chat with people, they are more than willing to help.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Textures


Taken at the Indira Gandhi Centre For The Performing Arts, in New Delhi.

Photo of the week 8-7-14

Nice shot!

New England Waterman

I see, a bad moon a risen’….

sound track by CCR of course sound track by CCR of course

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Even Royalty Scratches


You know how it is. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

When you gotta scratch, you gotta scratch!

Some of you saw the royal fella in the Monochrome Madness submission.

Here he is, in his coloured glory, sitting on the roof of the car, and scratching away to high glory.

It just proves the old adage: Even royalty needs a good scratch now and then.

And, when royalty needs to scratch their balls, they find a way.

Oh boy, they do!!

Monochrome Madness. My Canine Friend

The King Surveys His Kingdon

The King Surveys His Kingdom

I took this picture while walking down the gullies of Shahjahanabad. Shahjahanabad is also called The Walled Cities, and was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, after he shifted his capital from Agra to Delhi.

It is one of the 7 (or 8) cities of Delhi. My project for 2015!

This little doggie ( a big guy actually) was sitting on top of a car and surveying his kingdom. Stray mongrel dogs shall rule the world, they say!

Monochrome Madness – Abandonment



I spent Sunday evening in a small section of a field with abandoned pipes. Each pipe was about 1 metre in diameter, and I was on top of them. In some sections of the ground, the wild grasses had risen to about 1.8 metres, and so I decided not to walk amongst the thick undergrowth.

With the monsoons around – even though the rain is scanty – this area is full of stray dogs, pigs and snakes. Yes, snakes do come out during the monsoon rains, and I was not looking forward to a nip in the ankles!

However, this field was – is – fascinating. Thank you, Municipal Corporation! I shall return in September, when the quality of sun will be a wee bit different, to photograph this area again!

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