In Benares, Jaunpur & Chunar by Rajiv Chopra – Benares, India | Kiss From The World®

In Benares, Jaunpur & Chunar by Rajiv Chopra – Benares, India | Kiss From The World®. via In Benares, Jaunpur & Chunar by Rajiv Chopra – Benares, India | Kiss From The World®.

Green Glass

I have decided to convert this blog from a travel blog to one where I post my pictures from time to time. Some of them may be awful tosh. Be warned! This one dates back to the time when I first started experimenting with some of the strange tools in Photoshop. I was walking back home from a friend’s home, and noticed shards of…

Abandoned Beauty

I have been having fun with a pair of rusted cars about 5 kilometres from my home. Stupid me carries a tripod in his car and forgot to take it out. Old age and the heat is getting the better of me. Still, that gives me the opportunity to go back with my tripod. In this case, I used some simple Levels and Curves…

Photo Challenge – Fray

Oddly, this blog seems to have morphed into a photography challenge blog! They were in the fray, With their tempers frayed, And finally, one ended with The edges of his undershirt frayed. And so, this photo has a frame That is frayed! Heh!Heh! Picture taken with my Experia. I was having an innocent cuppa chai, while waiting for my brand new kurta to be…

Weekly Challenge – Silhouettes

I took this shot two days ago. I was on the boat in Mathura. The river is the Yamuna, one of the most sacred ones in India, and one of the most polluted. Despite our best efforts to bugger the environment, Nature does have a way of making things beautiful, yes? Paganism does rule!

Monochrome Madness – Sleep Little Darling

“Sleep Pretty Darling, do not cry And I will sing a lullaby”                              — Adapted from “Golden Slumbers”, the Abbey Road Album. The Beatles The tears will flow and flow, and no lullaby can stem the flood.

Monochrome Madness – Hauz Qazi

This picture was taken in Hauz Qazi, a part of the fabled “Walled City” in Delhi. Despite the gloominess of the day (we were thankful it rained!!), there is – was – a constant buzz of activity. For this, I kept a slow shutter speed, small aperture and I begged the services of a rickshaw-wallah, to allow me to keep my camera on his…

Weekly Photo Challenge – Textures

Taken at the Indira Gandhi Centre For The Performing Arts, in New Delhi.

Even Royalty Scratches

You know how it is. When you gotta go, you gotta go. When you gotta scratch, you gotta scratch! Some of you saw the royal fella in the Monochrome Madness submission. Here he is, in his coloured glory, sitting on the roof of the car, and scratching away to high glory. It just proves the old adage: Even royalty needs a good scratch now…

Monochrome Madness – The Old Fakir

My contribution for this week’s Monochrome Madness Challenge, hosted by Leanne Cole I took this shot of the Old Fakir in Pushkar last November. Quite a cool dude, yes?