I was once called a Gypsy – Gypsy Uncle – by a good old friend of mine, whom I called Gypsy Aunty.

My grandma once told me that I have wheels on my feet, and wings on my shoulders.

Life has taken me to many places, many more places than I dreamed that I would see. Most of my travels have been on account of work, and due to this I became an expert on airports around the world.

When I was 22, I got my Olympus OM-2n camera, and I fell in love with black and white photography. Later, many years later, I switched to digital, but the gift of photography that my dad gave me when he bought me that Olympus stayed with me.

The gift of travel that the corporate world gave me, have me the opportunity to see many parts of the world.

The gift of a lot of gabbing around during my engineering days, and the bizarre conversations that we had, gave me the curiosity and the desire to explore me, and the world

The wonderful library that we had in engineering college gave me the joy to explore countries and people, and to try to understand them.

Somewhere down my life, I rediscovered the wonder of history, of the study of religion (even though I am agnostic), of the world, of people, of me.

Somewhere down the line, the Gypsy was born.


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