Monochrome Madness – Sleep Little Darling

Sleep Pretty Darling

Sleep Pretty Darling

“Sleep Pretty Darling, do not cry

And I will sing a lullaby”

                             — Adapted from “Golden Slumbers”, the Abbey Road Album. The Beatles

The tears will flow and flow, and no lullaby can stem the flood.

14 Comments on “Monochrome Madness – Sleep Little Darling

    • This is India, Oh Queen… You can’t escape it. The tragedy is that such scenes and photos become run of the mill in India. I just returned from a road cum photography trip. I was in a town where they invoke God with every breath,,where there are 5,000 temples. Yet, widows come here from 1,500 kilometres away to beg and die.

      • I can believe it.. When I used to travel to Europe and the USA, I saw a different reality. You have homeless people, yes. Yet, in part, you look after your homeless better than we do. When you have 1.2 billion people in a country, life becomes cheap. The technology is modern, but when you travel,outside you sometimes are confronted with ancient, corrupted thinking. I was sitting next to a loudspeaker, listening to a priest drone on about how a cow is our mother. Yet, neither the cows nor the widows are well fed!

      • We don’t do what we should here either, R. So much can and should be done, and I also sit and listen to the hypocrisy of similar words. One person at a time and we could change lives. I know it’s hard to imagine…. I have never traveled to India, but one day I will.

      • Between October and March. October and March may be warm for you. Nov to Frb is the best. If you are in Delhi, watch for fog in January. If you go further North, to the hills, you get snow and sub zero temperatures..

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