My Years In China 1. Sunset In Shanghai


This section is really my own trip down memory lane. I lived in China – in Shanghai & Beijing – for five years, between 2002 and 2006. I learned the language somewhat, and was starting to learn to read when I left.

Our countries have had many political differences, and still do. Yet, when I went to live there, with some trepidation, I met some of the best friends that I have ever made.

I often said that China is my second home, and I still feel this way.

The above photograph, by the way, was taken from the rooftop of our little row house.

Sunset in October.

Wonderful land, wonderful people when you get to know them.

I may pop by now and then with photographs and memories of my time in China.

Indulge me!

10 Comments on “My Years In China 1. Sunset In Shanghai

  1. Gorgeous pic. I love the silhouette of the high rises in the sunset. How lucky to see that on a regular basis.

    • Thanks. You don’t normally get sunsets like this in Shanghai. Normally, the sky is a dull blue

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